Nicolas Vahe

The gourmet brand Nicolas Vahé is the outcome of one man’s lifelong passion for good food – and today the brand represents an ever-expanding product portfolio of delicacies, beverages and accessories.

All products are based on a strong philosophy and a love of food and quality ingredients. Nicolas Vahé’s recipes are inspired by French tradition but with surprising ingredients and Scandinavian twists.

Nicolas Vahé is the man behind the gourmet brand of that same name. As a trained chef, chocolatier and pastry chef with years of experience from French and Danish gourmet restaurants, Nicolas Vahé created his first collection of gourmet products in 2005. One person in particular had a profound influence on his upbringing in France and his initial road to life as a successful gastronomic entrepreneur.

”As a child I spend my summer holidays in the country with my grandparents and my favourite thing to do was to cook with my grandmother in her kitchen. She was always in that kitchen making the most amazing meals from homegrown crops. It was actually her original jam recipes that led me to create my own collection. I often think of my grandmother who essentially inspired me to venture into life as a chef and eventually entrepreneur.”

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