Pernille Corydon

Scandinavian simplicity inspired by geometric shapes from around the world captured and transformed into unpretentious and marvellous jewellery collections. This is the work of Pernille Corydon. The Danish designer creates distinct, modern jewellery stripped of excess. What remains is a pure and feminine expression that with notable subtlety and simple beauty sends a massive appeal to women of all ages from all parts of the world.

Born in 1976 Pernille Corydon grew up in the small town of Kerteminde 
on the Danish island of Funen. Pernille Corydon’s interest in crafts proved at an early age and through the years her unique talent became more and more evident. In 2008 Pernille Corydon started focusing on designing jewellery, formed and produced by her own hands.

The jewellery of Pernille Corydon is sold through more than 350 retailers in 14 countries and in cosmopolitans such as New York, Helsinki, London, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo.

Pernille Corydon is grateful. Her success allows her to continue her great passion. To create and to delight women around the world.

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